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[column_row ][team_one_third name=”John Groenendyk” title=”Owner” img=”” fb=”” tw=”” gl=”” li=”” mail=”” animation=”fromtop” delay=””]John started Elgin Aluminum in 2006 and has built it to be one of St. Thomas, Ontario’s fastest growing exterior renovation services. When John isn’t designing and renovating exteriors, he’s thinking about designing and renovating exteriors.[devider size=”full” thickness=”1px” ]519.619.0398[/team_one_third][team_one_third name=”Jim Smit” title=”Sales” img=”” fb=”” tw=”” gl=”” li=”” mail=”” animation=”fromtop” delay=””]Jim is our sales and quote expert. This is the guy whos going to get you the best price for your renovation, guaranteed.  He’s been with the Elgin Aluminum team since 2019.[devider size=”full” thickness=”1px” ]519.719.2909[/team_one_third][team_one_third_last name=”Jason McLellan” title=”Lead Installation Tech.” img=”” fb=”” tw=”” gl=”” li=”” mail=”” animation=”fromtop” delay=””]Jason has been with us since 2015.  He’s Elgin Aluminum’s main marketing guy and probably one of the best installation technicians on the planet.[devider size=”full” thickness=”1px” ][/team_one_third_last][/column_row]

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Some interesting facts about us


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